Arrangement design
A well-designed arrangement is the heart of the entire aquarium and the basis for subsequent planting. It is the base and a key element that has a direct impact on the final visual perception of the water tank.
Our arrangements are made of carefully selected natural materials. It gives a sense of harmony and unity with nature. We can almost perfectly recreate breathtaking landscapes from different parts of the world.
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The arrangement is glued with the use of specially created for this purpose binder, that will ensure its durability for the next several years. Our aquariums can become an expression of the human soul.
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The arrangement is created after consultation with the customer, based on carefully selected natural materials. We analyze the layout, minding the rules of art while also adhering to the concept of Nature aquarium. In aquascaping there are a lot of rules, one of them is called the golden ratio rule, which we follow in all our projects. Furthermore, the arrangement must be refined and suited to the specific water tank and individual customer preferences.
Relying on the skills of an experienced aquascaper gives you a guarantee that you will get an interesting composition. We've spent hundreds of hours perfecting techniques or participating in numerous competitions and workshops. Our knowledge and skills are constantly evolving. We can create an arrangement for any type of water tank, aquarium, terrarium or paludarium. Contact with us and let us prove ourselves.
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