We believe, that every aquarium is unique in its own way.
That is why we make all our projects with attention to every detail.
Our history
Since always, we've considered aquariums to be much more than just regular water tanks. When we were children, we were fascinated, that there are living creatures in these four glass panels, for which we can create one-of-a-kind masterpiece, flooded with water. In order to constantly develop and take on more and more challenges, we've come up with the idea of "Aqua Concept". We started participating in trade fairs and aquascaping competitions. A fan page on Facebook and business cards were created, and we also gained a lot of valuable contacts, both customers and suppliers.
Over the years, we've been passionately creating natural aquariums while gathering necessary experience. With all knowledge we gained through our aquascaping journey, we are now able to perfectly recreate the imagination of our customers under the surface of water. Every day, we are undertaking larger and bolder projects, which we know will result in unforgettable and unique aquariums, giving a feeling of satisfaction and happiness to our customers. The customer is our priority and that's why we guarantee we can satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.
Our Team
Przemysław Przeszło
I am the creator and founder of Aqua Concept. I've been operating in the aquarium and terrarium industry since 2016. I participated in many trade fairs and competitions. I debuted on the aquascaping scene during the Warsaw Animal Days 2017 edition and my project won the 1st place in the category of nano aquariums. My adventure with aquascaping started from combining 3 of my interests: photography, travelling and aquaristics. In my projects I try to be inspired by natural landscapes that comes from numerous trips and visits to many professional showrooms around the world. Fascinated by the works of the Japanese master of natural aquaristics – Takashi Amano, I decided myself to start creating underwater landscapes that amaze with their beauty. I try to always move forward and never stand still. That is why I am constantly testing new solutions and undertake more and more ambitious projects.
Damian Matyszczak
Damian Matyszczak is my longtime friend and founder of FishRoom. He has very broad knowledge in the field of aquaristics. He often helps me with my projects which increases the quality of our services even more. His shop offers a wide selection of fishes, plants and decoration materials. You can also equip there with all the necessary accessories for running a freshwater aquarium. All this is combined with professional and friendly service. The largest aquarium in the store has a capacity of over 2100 L. The store is located in Warsaw, Targówek district, at Borzymowska street 45, room U5. We kindly invite you to come in with a visit. Don't forget to mention Aqua Concept for a discount.
Wojtek Balicki
Hi I'm Wojtek, my adventure with aquarium hobby began quite early in primary school, when I got my first aquarium for my birthday. It became the subject of many experiments, thanks to which I applied the previously acquired theoretical knowledge in practice. In middle school, I started visiting various aquarium and terrarium fairs, where I met Przemek. We immediately got in touch and exchanged professional knowledge. After the fair, I wrote to him asking for help in setting up another aquarium at my home. Our cooperation began from that time. As for me - I like working with people, I get along very well with the clients. I am not afraid of any aquarium service. Together with the boys, we make a well-coordinated team and, despite our young age, we are distinguished by great knowledge and high professionalism.
We work only with the best products.